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Asset Management

Buying commercial real estate is just half of the equation. We put value creation at the center of our service delivery model. From development or acquisition strategy, improving portfolio management decision-making to controlling overhead and opex up to exit analysis and de-investment, we employ a full life-cycle approach in supporting real estate. In order to produce a profitable, income-generating property or develop a project successfully, you need experienced and yield oriented management services. Successful asset management means achieving perfect harmony – a balance between zoning and best use, income and expense, between landlord and tenant, and between marketing and sales. To achieve this, we focus our time and effort on the best practices that ensure complete efficiency.

Asset & Portfolio Management

Asset & Portfolio Management

Income & Cost Optimization

Income & Cost Optimization

Transaction Management

Transaction Management

Landlord Representation

Landlord Representation


Tenant Representation

Property (Re-)Zoning &
Building Permits

Property (Re-)Zoning & Building Permits

Property & Portfolio

Property & Portfolio De-Investment


SPV Management

Land Banking

Land Banking Management

Highest- &
Best Use Analysis

Highest- & Best Use Analysis

Asset & Portfolio

Asset & Portfolio (Re-)Positioning

Occupancy Rates

Increasing Occupancy Rates

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